Alloc has been producing high-quality laminate floors since 1992. In 1996 we revolutionised the floor industry with our locking system that made it possible to lay laminate floors without using glue. With our patented locking system, the floorboards are clicked together fast and easily. The laying result is perfect and the laminate floor will retain its qualities for a very long time.

Since the start, Alloc has focused continuously on innovation and product development, and today offer a complete range of flooring products and accessories to fit all needs. Alloc – Floors for living, are just as well suited for the warm atmosphere of a living room as the high-class style of a reception area or office.

Alloc is owned by the Belgian group Beaulieu International Group , which in 2004 had a turnover of 500 mill. EUR and approx. 2000 employees. Beaulieu International Group is divided into three divisions; the Wood Products division, the Yarn division and the Carpet division. Visit for more information about Beaulieu International Group.

Alloc is a member of the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring EPLF. Learn more about the organisation and laminate flooring at

Välinge Aluminium AB works in the field of mechanical locking systems for floorings. This work comprises the development of locking systems together with production equipment and techniques. Members of the staff of Välinge Aluminium invented and introduced the laminate flooring in 1977, at that time as employees of Perstorp AB. The floor-lock technology of Välinge Aluminium AB is protected world wide by several different patents, and the right to utilize this technology is licensed to several key partners, such as the Berry Group and Alloc AS. Visit for more information about Välinge Aluminium AB.